Why WordPress is still used in 2022?

November 19, 2022
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November 19, 2022 mihai

Why WordPress is still used in 2022?

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For many people, WordPress is the first and only choice for building a website. It’s easy to use and has built-in tools that make it simple to add text, images, audio and video content. It also comes with an extensive library of themes that you can use as is or modify to fit your needs

Why Is WordPress So Popular?

The first reason is that WordPress was a pioneer in the CMS world and has since become a leader. It’s been around for over 15 years now, and it has thousands of plugins available on its official repository.

WordPress also offers an amazing website builder interface with drag-and-drop features making it very easy to build amazing websites even if you have no coding experience at all. The software itself is free, but there are quite a few premium themes and plugins that can be purchased from their marketplace or directly from third-party sites like ThemeForest or CodeCanyon which offer hundreds of professional tools for building your website without having any coding knowledge whatsoever!

Because it is popular

You may be wondering why WordPress is still popular. Well, it’s because it is the most popular content management system in the world with over 60 million websites using it and has over 300 thousand plugins and themes available to use on your website.

WordPress can be used by anyone who wants to build a website without any coding experience necessary. Most people don’t know how to code but they do know how to write! If you can write an email then you can probably build a simple website using WordPress too!

Here are some examples of famous companies that use WordPress: Amazon, Forbes Magazine, Time Magazine…and even Facebook uses WordPress for their blog (which shows up whenever someone visits facebook.com/blog).

Because it is easy to use

  • Because it is easy to use

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), which means that you don’t need any coding knowledge to use it. All you have to do is log in, create or edit your content, and publish it on the web. It has an intuitive interface that allows you to easily navigate between posts and pages without getting lost. If there’s anything about WordPress that makes life easier for bloggers, it’s definitely its user-friendly interface!

  • Because there are so many plugins available!

Plugins are small pieces of software which can be used on top of WordPress core functions. This means they’re free and they come with no strings attached: no cost involved whatsoever! You simply download them from the internet then install them into your blog using FTP or cPanel depending on what type of hosting plan you have chosen for yourself (the file transfer protocol).

Because it is still good in 2022

  • WordPress is a great CMS!
  • WordPress is still being updated.
  • WordPress is still being used by many people, companies and blogs.
  • WordPress is still being used by many online stores that need a good eCommerce store to start their business with less time and money spent on development.

It’s easy to get started creating websites with WordPress

WordPress is an open source platform, which means it’s free to use. WordPress has a wide range of themes and plugins available for your website. Themes are templates that give a website its design, and plugins are small programs that add new features to your site. They can be used to add ecommerce functionality, create custom contact forms or display ads on your site.

You don’t need any technical knowledge to install or use WordPress; there are so many resources available online including video tutorials on YouTube. You can also find plenty of help forums if you have any questions along the way!

WordPress has a large community behind them composed of users, developers and designers who constantly create new plugins, themes and resources for this platform every day so there will always be something new coming out soon!

You can create a wide range of websites with WordPress, including blogs, online stores, photo galleries, magazines and portfolios.

You can create a wide range of websites with WordPress, including blogs, online stores, photo galleries, magazines and portfolios. It’s an excellent tool for creating these types of sites because it’s free to use and easy to learn. Plus the fact that it’s open source means that the code has been checked by many other users which means you get a high level of security.

WordPress is not going anywhere in 2022 because of its amazing features and benefits that it provides for website owners

In this article, you will learn why WordPress is not going anywhere in 2022. As a matter of fact, wordpress is also used by more than 70% of the top 10 million websites in the world.

WordPress is an open source software that allows you to create powerful websites and blogs with ease. It’s free to use, easy to use, easy to learn and easy to install.

WordPress has been around for over 20 years now but due to its popularity; it has been updated several times over the years as well. They keep adding new features that help improve your site experience as well as make it easier for you maintain your site from anywhere at any time.


I am 100% sure that WordPress will continue to be used in 2023. I believe that it has a lot of advantages over other CMS platforms, such as flexibility and ease of use. It also offers a wide range of templates that make creating websites quick and easy! So if you’re looking for a great website builder today or in the future, keep this article handy because it just might come in handy someday soon!

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