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How To Boost And Increase Social Sales In 2020

How to boost and increase social sales in 2020

A Social media campaign is the use of one or more social media networks or platforms with coordinated marketing efforts to promote, assist or reinforce one’s business to reach the desired goals. The campaign is a social media advertising strategy that helps to improve brand awareness, social media user interaction, as well as business goals and, are measured through analytics and sales revenue outcomes.
These campaigns are being made accessible by some free social media marketing software that incorporates with the account and helps in checking the number or like, comment, shares and any other type of response to the campaign. It can also help in finding out the outcome of the campaign.


A social media marketing campaign should focus on a particular business goal, whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram. These goals include:
• Boosting website traffic
• Receiving feedback from users
• improving email marketing database
• directly boosting sale
• Enhancing overall brand engagement

Goals ought to be discrete and significant. Before a campaign, procure a baseline measure of your targeted metric to help you monitor changes and overall performance all through the campaign and beyond. Goals are formed by the means, the message and the prospective buyers. Several demographics also provide different preferences for social media platforms, hence choose the platform tailored to your target audience.


Before starting a campaign, obtain all the tools for keeping track of metrics. There are various free social media marketing apps which monitor shares, retweets, likes, and keywords related to your brand. Service providers such as HootSuite, Social Mention, and Addictomatic merge with your social media accounts to determine who is viewing your social media posts and how they’re responding.
Right after a baseline is established, clearly define goals and schedule a specified timeline for the campaign. Working with firm start and end dates is vital, both for keeping expenses and mission creep under control, and also evaluating performance pre-and-post campaign.

Social media campaign best practices:

  • Action-gating: ask your visitor or reader users to interact with social media posts. Invite them to ask questions, take polls, provide reviews, partake in contests and join mailing lists.
  • Provide rewards: give them a good reason to provide details about themselves. Offer prizes, special discounts and exclusive content in return for their attention and information
  • Make prizes related to the business if using a contest. For a footwear company, it makes no sense to offer an Xbox as first prize in your contest ( offer a year’s worth of footwear! )
  • Proactively participate all through the campaign – answer and address critique quickly and reinforce positive conversations with personal attention
  • Promote across every social media accounts, even if the campaign is focused on one platform(e.g., Facebook)
  • Carefully monitor the performance and adjust strategy if needed
  • Adapt the appearance and messaging of your whole online presence to reinforce the campaign. Include promotion branding and language on headers, landing and home pages.
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